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Online Reputation Repair: How Does It Work?

The primary pillar of online reputation is the existence of positive reviews, comments and content online, related to your brand or personal profile. If you suffer from a damaged online reputation, it is crucial to figure out and identify the main root of the problem, then tackling the issue directly. That is a major step to avoiding further damage to your reputation. The next step entails the posting of all forms of positive content and positive reviews online, so that they supersede the negative content that existed previously. You need to post content that highlights the competitive advantage of your brand or profile.

Online reputation repair also entails the removal of negative content if possible, or moving negative search engine results to the bottom where they are less visible.

For businesses or profiles that suffer from a negative online reputation, the time it takes for the repair process to show positive results differs depending on the intensity of reader engagement in social media. Developing trust among readers and target audience is key to boosting online image in a quick manner. Wide distribution and placement of positive and interesting content is vital, as well as the use of SEO-friendly keywords.

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