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Trending social media posts

There is a lot of stuff that gets posted on social media today. Due to this kind of posts, some cultural trends and practices have emerged to assist us in figuring out how and what is supposed to be shared online.

Here are some of the social media posting trends that are popular. You can take a look at those that you are familiar with, and you have used them while posting on any social networking site.

Selfies for no reason

A selfie is one of the fanciest things to do. You can do it for no reason, but just for fun. Something funny like a cat sleeping on you can make you take a selfie. It doesn’t matter what you are doing all you need is a selfie to post on social media platforms, and that’s all.

 Throwback Thursday

This is one thing that people love that helps them post more stuff about themselves. This hashtag “#Throwback Thursday is the most loved one that gives people the courage to post even nasty photos of the past to flood your friends and followers with memories.

 Reaction GIFs

The reaction GIFs can be seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as on the blog comment sections. It is an easy way of passing across a point through a reaction GIF image as it will sound dramatic and hilarious. Its animation brings this as compared to when you type the whole messages. It works best when one is expressing emotion.

 Emojis everywhere

Emojis are little smiley faces and icons referring to different objects that you can insert into a text message. They are also used to express emotions just like the reaction GIFs. They have popped up everywhere today. Twitter and Facebook have introduced this emoji supports, and they show up regardless of the device you are using.

 Bite-sized videos

We all understand that no one is willing to watch a video that takes a long time. Today, the whole universe has now switched to mobile hence making videos shorter than before. Short videos that are made on applications such as Instagram are shorter and trending right now.

 Favoriting and mass liking

The Facebook application introduced the like feature, but it has now proved vital with almost every networking site. Different applications are implementing the same feature on their platforms; for twitters lovers, this is the best button. Instagram and tumblr like button is so heartening. This is one way that allows even the lazy user to interact online.

 Retweeting, Repining, Mass reposting and reblogging

If you feel like pushing the like button is not enough, there is this fascinating feature. It allows you to push and take content that has been created by somebody else and posts it as yours in your profile, blog, or timeline. On twitter its referred to as retweeting while on Tumblr it is referred to as reblogging. It is arguably one of the easiest ways of sharing what makes you happy without going the old-fashioned way.

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