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About Search Engine Optimization “SEO”: What does it involve?!

Search Engine Optimization “SEO” is a process aimed at boosting the ranking of websites in search engines, in order to increase traffic, audience exposure and sales. The quality of online content is a major component of SEO. Poor content tends to diminish a website’s ranking in search engine results, pushing the website to the bottom of the results.

So, what does the SEO process actually involve and what do SEO experts do? They examine the various components of a website, in terms of page layout, content, keywords, and design. The process entails determining the pages that do not perform well when it comes to reader views and engagement. Experts can provide insight on how to improve webpage and website layout, structure and form of content, in order to offer suggestions on how to improve the website in general.

SEO experts also analyze the metrics of a website, measuring user behavior when browsing the website, such as the amount of time spent on each webpage, the most frequently visited pages, as well as user clicks. Experts can then recommend ways to improve the performance of individual webpages. These may include combining some pages together, developing some pages, and spotting pages with broken links or technical problems.

Google analytics is also part of the SEO process. Analytics offer important insight on website users, including which countries the traffic comes from, devices used such as laptop or mobile, as well as links with the most clicks. Another major factor that experts consider is the “bounce rate” of a website, which determines how quickly the viewer leaves the website after first accessing it. A well-designed website captures the viewer’s interest and persuades him to dig deeper in exploring all of its pages. A high bounce rate means that a website is not successful enough in captivating a user and enticing him to spend time browsing through it.


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