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The Use of Demographics and Psychographics in Digital Marketing

Knowing who your target audience and clients are, is key to a fruitful digital marketing strategy. Once you identify the personas who are interested in your brand, you can build and develop your brand and business operations accordingly, to suit their needs and requirements, hence magnifying sales and gaining more clients.

Psychographics and demographics provide factual info that helps identify who your clients are.

Demographics reveal your clients’ gender, location, occupation, language, age and personal status, among other. Those details can be easily obtained through your database of existing clients, as well as the day-to-day work experience that your sales team has with customers.

Psychographic info tends to dig deeper by tapping into psychological factors and behavior trends that are based on clients’ personal experience when purchasing your product. Psychographics involve hobbies, opinion, general lifestyle as well as culture and moral values. The info can be obtained via discussions with your sales team, as well as conducting interviews with clients. Your sales team should play a major role in figuring out psychographic details, simply because sales people engage with clients on a regular basis and are aware of their customers’ interests as well as any possible issues related to the use of your product.